Boost employee engagement and satisfaction It is important for any industry and business to push and encourage employee engagement and satisfaction to keep employee turnover rates low. SHRM reports, "High levels of engagement drive talent retention, drive customer loyalty, and improve organizational performance and stakeholder value." Employee engagement is at its greatest when employees are engaged, highly connected, and engaged in the work they do. Here are some of the ways you can boost employee engagement: Most importantly, if you don't already have an employee engagement manager, hire one. They have the experience and qualifications to put an employee engagement strategy into practice. Make sure your internal communication is as engaging and transparent as possible.

Conduct regular employee engagement surveys and short-term surveys. Employee surveys. Use an employee suggestion box to get valuable feedback. Individual meetings. Exit interviews and phone number list residence interviews; before employees even think about quitting. Start an employee of the month or recognition program to recognize employees who go above and beyond. Provide employees with a clear opportunity for promotion and upward mobility within the company. Plan a company-wide or department-wide fun day at company expense. You can even plan team building exercises that promote trust and connection between colleagues. Implement the right technology to further drive and promote employee engagement. Employee recognition app As demonstrated, this is no easy task.

That's why hiring an employee engagement manager who can devote their time and energy to it can dramatically improve your employee retention rates. Here's the thing though, employee engagement and employee satisfaction are two completely different topics. There are different ways to increase employee satisfaction in the logistics industry. For example, to increase employee satisfaction, it is important to make employee schedules as accessible and as stable as possible. This promotes a healthy work-life balance and thus increases employee satisfaction. You can also offer employees the option to choose a 4/10 compressed work schedule, which Workforce Institute research shows increases employee satisfaction and has a direct positive influence on employee retention.